Oberoende granskning

Vad innebär egentligen uttrycket indie? För två år sedan försökte Nöjesguiden reda ut frågan grundligt, men åstadkom snarare förvirring än klarhet.

Mediekoncernen CNN granskar nu ämnet i ett stort reportage, tipsar Sonic.

Eugene Hernandez, editor-in-chief of indieWIRE, a site dedicated to independent movies, said the definition of indie was founded on the virtues of self-publishing and self-releasing books, magazines, tapes, records, and just about everything else from buttons to clothing to posters.

“If you’re going to be as strict as possible, the only definition was DIY – do it yourself,” he said, referring to the ethos of the punk bands and labels that flourished in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Ryan Schreiber, the editor and founder of Pitchfork Media, a popular online magazine that chronicles the indie music scene, said the definition also embodies a sense of idealism and an anti-corporate attitude.

“[The term] has also, for years, been sort of the de facto label for an entire subculture of idealistic artists and music fans who place a lot of stock in the idea of making music for yourself or your friends, rather than for profit or popularity,” he said.

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