Flashback tipsar om att tidningen QX uppmärksammat fenomenet Gay Skinheads. Föreningen Scandinavian Leather Men ska ha anordnat fester på temat, Bruce LaBruces film Skin Flick nämns och det tipsas om ett antal hemsidor för att fördjupa sig i fenomenet.

Den som däremot verkligen går företeelsen på djupet är Murray Healy som skrivit boken Gay Skins – Class, Masculinity, and Queer Appropriation (ISBN: 0304333239).

“When I’m out, I grade people. If someone’s got nationalist badges or Union jacks, that’s something. Fashion skins wouldn’t wear anything like that. White laces – I know on one level it’s superficial, it’s all image, but trendy skins, fashion skins go near that, they wouldn’t ‘stoop that low’ as they’d say. So if I see patches, Skrewdriver, Nationalist badges on t-shirts, 20-hole rangers, white laces, there’s a pretty good chance they’re real ‘cause they’re showing a bit more of a commitment.”

He believes an association with the right is what makes skinheads so sexy to all those who admire them, even if it’s disavowed.

“There’s a lot of people I’ve met, who love that image, and they’d love to be like that, but they won’t step over the line. Probably ‘cause they’re too politically correct – that’s what it comes down to. I know a lot of gay people who think I’m beyond the pale because of the right wing thing, they can’t accept that. But I also know they fucking wet themselves.”

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